Rig Inspection & Surveys

EPIS offers customized rig inspection surveys onshore and offshore to help customers determine whether the current procedures, equipment and maintenance activities meet industry standards, manufacturers’ specifications and conform to applicable statutory or classification requirements. Our rig inspection and survey services include:

  • Full rig conditional surveys
  • Rig Start Up / Acceptance Surveys
  • Maintenance
  • Equipment Surveys
  • Subsea Surveys
  • Marine Surveys
  • Electrical Surveys
  • Derrick / Dropped Object Surveys
  • Visual Mast and Derrick inspections
  • Drilling an handling tool inspections
  • Colfax Hose Inspections
  • NDT Services
  • Riser Inspections
  • Lifting Gear Inspections

Our surveys encompass all critical equipment and systems on rigs, as well as accommodations and camps. Upon completion of a survey, our technical engineers and surveyors issue a full report, classifying deficiencies as critical, major or minor. This gives you, the client a complete picture regarding the integrity and conditional assessment of your assets. Often, we are asked to advise our customers on how to rectify identified issues as quickly, and cost-effectively as possible.  Through our maintenance services, EIPS provides niche rig equipment maintenance expertise and will work with third party vendors to solve a problem, allowing the rig to remain on schedule. EIPS’s inspection and maintenance services will assist you in minimizing downtime, enhancing overall efficiency by improving reliability and the optimization of safety and environmental impacts. When you consider our inspection cost less than a single day of a rigs operating costs, its’ value cannot be underestimated. In addition to minimizing or eliminating downtime, inspections provide an excellent tool for future contract negotiations and ship/build yard work scopes.

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